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Mr. Greenland is proud to serve as the CEO of Keystone State Testing. After receiving his master’s degree from UNLV he achieved decades of business and managerial experience across several sectors, which have amassed him a plethora of experience to draw from.  His versatility in crossing sector boundaries has helped him tremendously in achieving success at Keystone State Testing.  He currently runs the day-to-day operations of the company. He is responsible for management, expansion, compliance, and regulatory interactions between the Laboratory and clients. Mr. Greenland is uniquely qualified to offer insight on trends, data, and regulatory perspectives. 

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April 20, 2018 -- Keystone State Testing is proud to have received American's for Safe Access Patient Focused Certification.  Keystone is the first laboratory to complete this certification through the partnership with A2LA.

February 20, 2020 -- Keystone State Testing is proud to have received ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation from A2LA for a total of 84 methods at their flagship location in Harrisburg, PA for hemp and marijuana in flower, plant and processed form.  Additionally, KST is the first laboratory to complete the Americans for Safe Access (ASA) Patient First Certification (PFC) program offered by A2LA.  

According to A2LA,

           "The PFC Laboratory Operations requirements are constructed in accordance with the Recommendations to Regulators   

            for Cannabis Operations, a guide developed by the Cannabis Committee for the American Herbal Products Association

            (AHPA). An assessment to these additional requirements is voluntary. They include security, personnel training, sample

            receipt, chain of custody, handling and disposal, and data review." 

Additionally, KST is continuing to seek further accreditation as the field continues to mature.​

Keystone State Testing strives to be the gold standard in cannabis testing by achieving the highest levels of accuracy and precision in analytical solutions while using integrity, rigor and scientific standards.

Robert G

VP of Operations


Dr. Kelly N. Greenland is the head of Keystone State Testing and also the first female owner-operated laboratory in the United States. Dr. Greenland’s background is in experimental bio-physics and she has had an extensive research laboratory career having received her Doctorate from the City University of New York. She has a strong background utilizing instrumentation and techniques that are necessary in the design and implementation of the laboratory. Dr. Greenland has spent over ten years in research laboratories experiencing all positions including; technician, mentor, investigator, and lab manager. Her extensive experience has allowed her to develop current methodologies, the Laboratory’s Standard Operating Procedures, procure equipment, and develop applications. 

Mr. Robert Gearhart Jr. brings to Keystone State Testing a wealth of knowledge, experience, and leadership. His career began at Pennsylvania State University and spanned successfully over 10 years. Today, Robert heads up Keystone's nationwide operations. Through his leadership, diligence, meticulousness, and outstanding work ethic, Robert successfully leads one of the strongest science teams in country. In addition to his leadership, Robert has lead multiple research projects from inception to successful conclusion. His unique knowledge of safety, compliance, and analytics makes him one of the nations top experts in the medical marijuana field.

Certified WBE and WOSB

Dr. Kelly G

Chief Scientific Officer


Dr. Kelly Greenland is the CEO of Keystone State Testing, LLC (Keystone). Keystone holds more than 184 methods of ISO 17025 accreditation as well as the first laboratory in the world to have successfully completed ASA (Americans for Safe Access) PFC (Patient Focused Certification) through A2LA. Keystone was approved to test medical marijuana in the states of Pennsylvania. In January 2019, Keystone received its certification from the National Women’s Business Enterprise Council (WBENC), making it the first laboratory in the United States to be certified as a majority, woman-owned and operated cannabis laboratory. In 2022, Keystone State Testing was approved by the NY OCM to operate in New York state's adult use and medical cannabis program.

Dr. Greenland is a Pennsylvania native with extensive research and laboratory management experience. Dr. Greenland obtained her doctorate degree in Physics from The Graduate Center CUNY and City College of New York after graduating Summa Cum Laude from Lock Haven University in Physics and completing class-10 clean-room training at the Pennsylvania State University.

WBENC implements a rigorous process to confirm that businesses that claim to be owned and operated by women really are. Pennsylvania relies on WBENC to vet and certify companies in order to ascertain whether they are truly women-owned and operated.

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Russell G

Chief Operating Officer


Keystone State Testing is committed to ensuring the most responsible and ethically robust cannabis testing practices while maintaining the best environmental safety standards.  In our commitment to ensure best practices and high standards Keystone is committed to the laboratory practices and environmental guidelines, in addition to standard state and Federal Good Laboratory Practices.  To fulfill this commitment we maintain ISO certifications meeting and often exceeding requirements.

Keystone State Testing is committed to improving the lives and environment of the local community and state.  The Laboratory shall strive to best serve the community through continuing outreach, and will encourage other businesses to become partners in these and other outreach programs. 

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